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Why Balance A Book On My Head?

Everyone is asking.  Why the book on your head ?  Whats with the book ?  You trying to break some record ?  Do you know you have a book on your head ?  These are just a few of the questions I am asked daily as I balance my Spirit Journal on my head.

Posture is a big answer to why would someone put a book on one’s head and walk around in public. Repairing ones back of pain may be a reason. Healing  both physicaly and emotionaly at the same time.  A sense of balance and my coordination improves. Awareness of my merkaba becomes clearer. Closing my eyes I can see my body and my space around me. All my chakras aline.  A sense of wellbeing flows in me.  My hearing becomes acute. Rhythm and timing are accurate.   A floating feeling happens after a few minuets of blissfully letting go of the knowing it is up there.  A new place to carry my book or other things.  Connects my corpus collosum to both sides of my brain with vigor and it is fun.

Book balancing Fantan Alley Victoria


Opportunity to let the ego be ok with people looking and almost pointing at me. I have learned to relax about it.  Have met many interesting people because of the book. I have been able to get their contact info into my book. I love to read and  seen the many movies that other travelers have suggested I look into because the book was involved.

I sketch and communicated to the book daily to check in with me. Our hands can not lie and I see it.  Feeling connected to source becomes obvious. I love to ground with bare feet on damp soil or water at the same time I balance …Awesome.

Love To Everyone no execptions  Rawberto


2 responses to “Why Balance A Book On My Head?

  1. Cheryl

    Brilliant, Robert! I love this. I’m going to try it. Blessings,

  2. You have a great opening to your blog and no comments so I thought I would give you the attention deserved.
    Thank you for sharing your balance with us.

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