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Book on the head walking on floats that move.

I  try to relax and stand, walk, sit and dance with a Book on my head. My spine feels massaged and toned getting stronger as it is naturally alining in my walk. After a while if the book is just the right weight and I feel like I am being pulled upward.

I don’t time myself, But do it as long as it is fun and I feel like it. I Carry my book with me to draw and write my inspirational thoughts so the book is with me most of the time. I pop it on when I need a good grounding and yoga type stretch. If I am in a public place when the need to have a balance attack moment. I am happy to try as I love the opportunity to see how balanced I really am. My Ego will be revealed with all the looks I get from the general public. A sense of Calmfedence flows over me as I let go of control to my conscious mind on how to do the balancing. My subconscious takes the physical reins of my head to keep up the book in total control. I am able to forget it is even up there as I walk around this planet of our. Some times I have stayed in this space for hours sometimes minuets. As long as it’s feeling fun.
Enjoy your personal book journey as you are about to change yourself a lot. The kinda change I feel when I travel afar and come back aware I think so differently now. Love Raw ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Balancing on the docks of a bay.


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