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Does Size Matter?

Size Does Matter.


In every direction.

Fat one is top and kinda heavy.

Width and Length are both very Important.

Large is tippy and makes my head sore although Better shade as well as I can draw Bigger.

Square is super balanced also spins nice.

Its a personal feeling that if chosen with intention to conscious awareness Your magic starts spinning.

You will see your life change and you will know Why through your book.

Write your Life the way you want it. History will happen, So will the future, Our Now is Everything.

Write in the Now.

This will makes it so.

Having a blank book available more often allows for conscious creation to happen.

Talking to one’s self reveals space and time through personal communication .

My older books are records of me at the time they were done.

Snapshots of The “Human” I was.

This helps me to understand our collective ≈Now≈ we all share.

Love Raw Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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