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Being Happy even while feeling scared!

Lady Diane had a look at this pig Ego in Prince George BC

Feeding my pet Ego.

If I am feeling over whelmed with life. I find myself reaching for my thoughts on what makes me Happy. Feeling scared or feeling down, trigers chemicals that can create the very fear I am trying to avoid. The power we have as manifester’s of our lives will go in the direction we focus on. Being aware of what I am thinking gives me the opportunity  to choose what “wolf” I am feeding ( Canada’s First Nation’s life lesson).Its important for me to pay attention to what I am feeling. Focusing on love thoughts, gratitude feelings, and relaxing my overall being in the moment. This emotional energy has all the power to heal or to hinder. I feel a victory when I can catch my runaway mind and observe myself with my Ego in the now. Happiness is created from our centre and then goes out into our universe creating a vibration we all live with. Consciously Creating in this moment……. Love Robert Cerins


One response to “Being Happy even while feeling scared!

  1. Mary ⋅

    YES YES YES!!!

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