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Thought Rocks

What is a Thought Rock?

First of all it is an object that is Dense, Hard has been here a long time,  {wisdom}. This is because its particles move slowly well at least slower than mine. A grounded sense is achived while contemplating these objects.

How would I use one?

You would Hold it. Then relax to the vibration it is in.

Thats it? Can you please share more tips or ideas?

Sure! As an Artist I love to create a feeling of contentment in my work. Using a Thought Rock as I think and feel about what I am creating. I love to hold it and close my hand or hands around it. Feeling all the smooth and rough areas of my stone. Using both hands for a while connects both sides of my brain together. This mind game helps me get balanced and centred, then my Corpus Colosum is enhanced. The Corpus  Colosum is the bridge between both sides of my mind. Playing the bass while singing is a great example of a mind exercise. The mind will become entrained to the stimulation. Stress will disapear and Breathing will naturally balance out.

Meditation Is My Medication. The Thought Rock offers a way to centre self naturally

When I carry one or a few in my pocket I feel wonderful and better when I pull one out for a visit. I  love to use one in a crowded situation where the energy is cayotic. If I ground well the people around me mirror a grounded “them” back to me instantly (well almost instanty). That is to say I see the best in everyone and they reflect the same back to me. This feels Great! It has always worked and you may be the only one aware of the Paradigm Shift in us all. Thats a thought feeling for you to enjoy and aplaud when some one reflects back they know what you are doing.

I love to hold one rock while painting or drawing with the other hand. Keeping both sides of my mind busy seperatly then balances me while it creates grounding. I become intimate with nature through a “Thought Rock”.

Warming Thought Rocks by our wood stove or outdoor fire for extra comfort is another way to use the larger rocks the bigger the mass the longer the charge of heat energy. I have a 15 pound BC Jade on my lap right now that is Warm and energized with balance, healing and strength. Takes the chill off me like a dry hot water bottle.

Thought rocks come in all sizes, textures, energies, to create a “Lucid You” through thought.

You may use any Rock to feel the connection to Earth anytime you need to get centred. Touching our planet helps to ground at the same time and adds to the Shift. Clear conscious intention takes you higher and higher as you let your fear go. We are either feeling Love or Fear. Thats the way we work like a computer off or on and zero or one. Find one that speaks to you as you look around with an openness to the possibilities. The experience of looking is just the beginning of the changes you will become awake to in yourself. Finding then using a Thought Rock creates what you are manifesting clearer.

Please drop me a note if you would love to know more about such a deep subject. I have created a collection of Thought Rocks that will be available on line soon. A show with them will be on display in the spring os 2012.

Love Rawberto   ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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    Here is an interesting post about something that I haven’t ever heard of called a “Thought Rock”.

  2. I am a lover of the mineral kingdom too!
    I’ve just skimmed through a few of your postings and look forward to reading more.

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