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If Like Attracts Like……….

If like attracts like then the people I get to play with are in the same emotional plane as me.

If what I focus on” Expands”. Being able to pay attention to my intention allows me to choose the direction of my thoughts.I can take responsibility to create positive or negative out comes.

What I think now effects my mood in the moment and creates what flavour my future will hold.

Being able to control my thoughts consciously create my emotions. Emotions show me just how much power they are giving to how I feel.

Breathing consciously clears my way for Heart≈Brain connection.

I see everyone as my Mirror.

Thanks for shinning your best for me.

Love to everyone. ohmmmmmm


5 responses to “If Like Attracts Like……….

  1. Thoughts creating emotions is what I teach. I enjoyed your posts!

  2. Yamyah ⋅

    hi rawberto, your blog has been chosen for the versatile blogger award. if you wish to take this award, please check my post for the “rules” congrats! 🙂

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