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Learning to Talk Rock.

As a Human on this planet for over 50 years I have just let rocks talk to me a year ago. Its a mystical experience to let nature in deeper. All it takes is patience that is free in the now. A perfect meditation tool that amplifies what you are feeling/thinking/being in the Now.

They help me to hear my subconscious chatter then switch the channel with ease. Holding different Rocks and crystals show me that each one is different. Meditating on them attunes my focus in a very clear way. I am holding a Lemurian seed crystal right now as I write this. It is such a clear high vibrational stone that it may be over whelming in my emotional alinement. Switched to the deep dark vibe of Black Tourmaline to ground my energy right now. Can you feel the shift in the moment you read this ? I am wondering if this shift is recorded in my chatter to you through this blog. I can feel myself a bit altered buy changing the rocks.

I carry a stone or thought rock daily since I started to wake up to them a year ago. What an awareness shift in my being awake to small vibrations in everything around me.

If you care to share your rock story I am listening.  Love Raw ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm


One response to “Learning to Talk Rock.

  1. Yamyah ⋅

    well, thank you for this post, my friend…i’ll be ordering and adding a second lemurian to my crystal collection in the very near future, this time a tangerine one. Could you perhaps suggest to me any online shop where they sell genuine lemurian seeds? the shop i order from is out of stock for lemurians now. I ask because i’ve known some to sell diamantina (which are also from Brazil) for Lemurian…originally i wanted a record keeper lemurian….but that might be asking too much 😉

    Love and peace xx

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