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We all Vibrate

We all vibrate in and out all the time in this physical plane. Being aware that we only have 2 choices at every pulse, Love or Fear. Thats it ! We “do” have the ability to steer our thoughts towards either extreme side of life. As we feel our shift over time from fear to love we are blending a few love thought then a few fear ones just to feel safe because it feels familiar. You may not even think being negative is what you want to be feeling and giving as your way of being.

The clearer I am about what side I am choosing and focusing on creates a new moment now and for my future, hence my past will be more moments of love. Playing with the ability “to” focus on love thought more and more often feels “Bliss”. All art related activities are mind blowing for the creator in you as you have become the art and not just the doing of it. ohmmmmmmmmmm LOVE That’s It!


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