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Awaking to Fear then shifting to Love

Finding my mind in a fear loop as I am becoming lucid can be shifted to love.

I can check to see where my Vibration is after a few Meditation tips and tricks.

Grounding is a great start. Physically by taking off shoes and walking or standing on earth, damp grass or water on the land. Holding a Thought Rock or crystals is another grounding source.

Emotionally by Breathing from the belly and focusing on letting go and acceptance as a feeling. The world is  doing the best for you at every moment.

The mind will slow down as I chant and listen to the tension leave my body. Let the sound pull the fear out of your cells. Trust that all is divine and feel the body go into healing mode.

Let the yawns come up and though you with ease and grace. Enjoy the rush of a powerful Yawn. Ohmmmmm through the yawns as well.

Become lucid to just how different you feel now. Think Love and wake up to being Love in this now.

Remind yourself you just got to this bliss space by becoming aware to what you were thinking and       calmly changed the emotional channel.

We are all aware of the energy of everything around us. We need to check in on what we are giving as that will create what is given. We are all mirrors for each other always.

Thanks for any thoughts and tips you may have on waking up to Love.

ohmmmmmmmmmmmm Rawberto


2 responses to “Awaking to Fear then shifting to Love

  1. Yamyah ⋅

    i love this and i love all your, posts, my friend. Thank you for shinning and inspiring ~ Namaste

    • rawberto1

      Funny how we like something someone does and we will most likely enjoy what the other feels is interesting. We all just want to feel enjoyed by this universe. We are all Dying to Live here on planet Earth.
      Its great to here you say something about my thoughts. Thanks. Rawberto

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