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Emotional Intelligents

Self Awareness of what I am feeling when anything trigers me is conscious awakening. Being able to choose the best choices for you and I on how and what I do with this awakening is “Bliss”.  I love being so aware that I am energize and calmfedent at the very same time.

Apparently science in North Americans says that 35 % of us are aware of our emotions and can deal with them honestly. I remember catching myself just as I was saying something I wish I wasn’t saying at the moment I was Saying it. I started to regret my actions in the very moment I was creating the drama. That awareness helps me to empathize with everyone that has done this dance and more importantly let that

behaviour go.

Being able to tune into my intentions consttly creates my future in my now as a present for us all.

             Choosing  life and love creates more of the same, as I understand what I focus on expands.

                          Let us all be the hundredth monkey on turning our world into a peaceful loving time.

Consciously at first till  every thought is coming from a place of love, soon fear becomes just a memory.

I use any tool I can to see what I am thinking and feeling then I understand why I am doing what I did.

Love to Everyone  As we are all doing the best we can.

Love Rawberto Ohmmmmmmm


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