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What I Give I Receive (Karma)

What I Do Creates my Present my Future  then in Time my Past as I Look Back at My Mindstory

Being Aware of what I Vibrate, Offers me the Option of Creating Our Highest Good

Choosing to Love Everyone and Everything that has Happened as perfect

My light Becomes Stronger in Me as I let Love be Everything

All Pain and Frustration floats softly away

Connections with Spirit light up

I am One with All

Balance Trust

You are Me

I See


Cause and Effect



Being Me

What I Give I Receive

What I Feel Is What Will Be

Creating With Conscious Choice of Love

Manifesting the Magnificent Moment By Moment

Though Magnetic Conscious Awareness I can Choose Acceptance

I open my Light and Love for All to Receive Metaphysically, Physically and Emotionally.

I love that I am attracting Like Souls with Love at Our Core and Letting The Disharmonic Beings Be.

Love Raw Ohmmmmmmmmmm


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