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What to give your Lover…..A Personalized Affirmation !

What to Give your Lover ? An <Affirmation> Is A Bliss Giving Present!
   I am sharing Todays Gift from my precious Wife Stephanie Cerins.  She is a wiz at tuning into what I need                     to hear from me.
Please enjoy…I, Robert, am a stand for kindness and love. I give myself time to care for my needs. I explore my creative nature with passion. I love to share my gifts of creating with the people of my planet. I share myself through my music, my paintings and my vibration. I realize that the most important way to share myself is through my vibration. Today I focus on the long slow vibrations of love. The vibration of love is like the low notes of my bass guitar or the deep rich call of the blue whale going half way around the world. The vibration of love is long, slow and deep. I am a confident child of the Universe and the Universe blesses all I do, think and create.

I, Stephanie, feel your love. You are the perfect Robert. Thank you for sharing your calm, gentle, and caring self with me.


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