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Going down Our Rabbit Hole Is Fun If We Choose that Way.

Going Into Our Rabbit Hole Now !

Being Able to Choose the now Vibration is Amazing,

Happens at the core of What Our Heart Feels from What it Thinks.

Hearts Have Brain Tissue.

The first cell made is the Heart cell.

The Heart is 5 Thousand Times more Powerful Electromagnetically

Than the Brain.

We all Have Believed in our Hearts over Mental Thoughts When we Experience Deep Truth.

Listen to Our Thoughts As Thoughts Create Things.

Be Conscious Be Awake to NOW !

That way We are able to choose your life Now, as that will soon be your past.

Keep it up for a while and  Become Aware that We Are Creating Our

Chosen Future.

We will Be Responsible for Our Life and Loving Our Lucidity.

Gratitude Dance As Happiness Is Healthy.

Love Rawberto


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