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Happiness Is Healthy Show.

Happiness Is Healthy

Happiness Is A Choice. Happiness Is An Inside Job. Happiness Is Healthy.


*Enhancing your innate mental, physical and spiritual balance.

*Sharing what inspires us to be a happy, balanced and grateful couple.

*Helping you to believe in your ability to be a happy, content person.

*Techniques, for self-mastery is what we offer you.

Robert Cerins has been an Entertainer, Musician and Artist for over 40 years. Robert has created mind opening vibrant paintings around the world, having sellout shows in New York and Toronto.  In 2011, Robert was honored to be asked to create the theme image for the 27th Island’s Folk Festival.  His enthusiastic soul vibration creates a dialog with all who wish to wake up to what they are thinking.  You probably saw Robert in the last years walking around the Folk Festival or around Vancouver Island with a book on his head and this year he will be on stage sharing the secret of why he wears the book on his head.  He may even inspire you to put a book on your head, to see what happens.

It is Robert’s goal to help you connect to your inner core of love, joy and calmness.   He believes that meditation is a way to connect to the compassionate you.

Stephanie Cerins’ passion to Cheer Up The Planet was ignited in her teenage years by the sudden death of her father.  She was inspired to devour books on the subjects of love, healing, self-mastery and compassionate communication in order to figure out what truly creates happiness in life.  Stephanie’s goal is to cheer up the planet – one of her techniques is the writing of personalized affirmations for people to enhance the happiness that already resides in them and in all of us.

During their Improv performance Robert and Stephanie will share their ideas for enhancing happiness and well being through interactive connections with the audience and entertaining dialogue.  They are a vivacious passionate couple that brings smiles and warm feelings to all who witness their vibrant and enthusiastic energy.  You are going to feel light- hearted and connected to your inner source of happiness at the end of their show.  You may even have a Paradigm Shift if it is your time.



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