We are counting on you to save us.

Help we need you to wake up.

It is fun waking up to what I think. Because I get rid of the negative chatter so quickly.

If some one is being mean I look for the inner child in that soul, It’s aways there if I look. I have never been let down with anyone they show it even if only a flicker. Try to look deep into someone you have had trouble with and see the tender child in even the most vile exterior. This is a challenge the has large rewards that only you can have.

Nikki is watching us waking up.

Love Rawberto ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


If You Could Feel the Mekaba Magic

Feeling My Merkaba As I leave the music studio.

Loads of reasons to balance a book. My Blog is getting me to understand just how wonderful this action is for all humans.

Yet very few people are doing this old practice of Balance and Grace.
It is much more than Balance and Posture.
Posture is heathy for our body’s inside and out for sure.
Total Alinement very little effort.
My inner vibration is consciously being altered due to doing this book thing.
I am writing a children’s book that shares things I do that make life more fun to be part of.
Beyond the video screen.
This “life Game” is just one of my love Letters to my self.
We are physical beings and the book balancing in public awakens my Ego as to how strong it is for me.
I pay attention to my inner dialog as I walk in public.
I can tell just how balanced my emotions are the moment I put it on my head.
Then I can breath deep and settle my whole being into what vibration I wish to carry.
The book will not stay up if I am excited or over thinking how do I look to others.
I have reached a place of inner peace as I walk around and have let go of “control” of it staying up.
Feels like I am Expanding into my subconscious.
It is none of my busness what others think of me as in Michael J Fox’s book Lucky Man.
The personal challenge of “Self” is offered every time I place the book on my head.
It is floating up there as my sub conscious keeps it Spinning.
If anyone could feel the wonderful merkaba magic that I feel as I walk with the book on my head.
They would be doing it as well….
I Think we are all the Centre of Attention.
Do You?
Love Raw ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm