Swimming with great posture

Life is wild in this world as the Age of Aquarius warms up.

We are becoming more of what’s inside of us as we

become transparent.

Loving someone as they tell you weird stuff about themselves

is quite an experience.

As we age some of my friends are Great≈ful some are Grateful.

We all make choice’s


Being conscious



we are





Meditate then Create

Feel a yawn coning on.


let y(our)

Soul Shine.

Being in line with my physical self in the water was grounding.

Swimming with a book balanced on my head was very easy as I was straight up and down.

Double dare you !





Happiness Is Healthy Show.

Happiness Is Healthy

Happiness Is A Choice. Happiness Is An Inside Job. Happiness Is Healthy.


*Enhancing your innate mental, physical and spiritual balance.

*Sharing what inspires us to be a happy, balanced and grateful couple.

*Helping you to believe in your ability to be a happy, content person.

*Techniques, for self-mastery is what we offer you.

Robert Cerins has been an Entertainer, Musician and Artist for over 40 years. Robert has created mind opening vibrant paintings around the world, having sellout shows in New York and Toronto.  In 2011, Robert was honored to be asked to create the theme image for the 27th Island’s Folk Festival.  His enthusiastic soul vibration creates a dialog with all who wish to wake up to what they are thinking.  You probably saw Robert in the last years walking around the Folk Festival or around Vancouver Island with a book on his head and this year he will be on stage sharing the secret of why he wears the book on his head.  He may even inspire you to put a book on your head, to see what happens.

It is Robert’s goal to help you connect to your inner core of love, joy and calmness.   He believes that meditation is a way to connect to the compassionate you.

Stephanie Cerins’ passion to Cheer Up The Planet was ignited in her teenage years by the sudden death of her father.  She was inspired to devour books on the subjects of love, healing, self-mastery and compassionate communication in order to figure out what truly creates happiness in life.  Stephanie’s goal is to cheer up the planet – one of her techniques is the writing of personalized affirmations for people to enhance the happiness that already resides in them and in all of us.

During their Improv performance Robert and Stephanie will share their ideas for enhancing happiness and well being through interactive connections with the audience and entertaining dialogue.  They are a vivacious passionate couple that brings smiles and warm feelings to all who witness their vibrant and enthusiastic energy.  You are going to feel light- hearted and connected to your inner source of happiness at the end of their show.  You may even have a Paradigm Shift if it is your time.


When I balance my book on my head,

My world experience Shifts into the Now.

I test this all the time as I

check in to just how am I feeling.

I close my eyes and stand still poised to place

the book on the top centre of my head.

I take note of how I feel at the moment I touch down

and let go of the book trusting it will stay.

The changes are subtle yet clear that

I am evolving in the now moment.

Hyper awareness

of Self and Surroundings are amplified

as every sense is connected to the shift.

Breathing in Feel how this feels in your Mental body.

Breath in and feel how this feels in you physical body.

It becomes easy to separate these two

energies with this book balancing act.

Body awareness is heightened with each breath.

Spine alinement creates a bliss full feeling of

being grounded  and balanced.

Cohesion of

Body (physical) Mind (Brain) and Soul (spirit)

create a harmonious state of being.

Once the Mind is comfortable

with balancing in the subconscious

you are free mentally to relax and let “it” keep it up.

When this happens the back muscles flex the spine

and body parts into perfect alinement bit by bit.

Walking and Dancing adds the benefit of exercise to

increase the repair to your body while in

physical and emotional harmony.

Take it to the street creates the opportunity to

identify self Ego as others look at you and reflect

what you are feeling as you carry your book on your head.

The book on head reveals the observer’s

Emotional Body.

The more you relax with the book on your head

the better you are emotionally Balanced.

Once the Physical and Emotional bodies

aline and support each other our soul can

create the Now that is.


A healthy way to see what others are feeling.

You will be able to let go of the human condition.

I can see in 3 D Now ! ( Dimensions Experiment on Consciousness )

I Have been seeing 3D Again for this Gorgeous week of May.

Got My vision upgrade with Depth of field for our wedding anniversary.

My Art is busting out as I have been adding Gem stones to my canvases for the last 12 paintings.

I was sculpting with 2D vision in a hope to feel/see The third dimension.

I can now see the tiniest paint particles blended in clear to add the finishing touches.

Now I am painting with both eyes and seeing/ feeling the difference between the two worlds of 2 and 3 dimensions.

As I paint  with awakness I can see the 4th and 5th Dimension clearer.

Everything becomes more about vibration.

We ARE sound after all.

My ears may be able if the mind would let it enter.

I can sense some how deeper than before.

I have experienced being Sighted (54 years) / Blind(40 days) / One Eye (1 year) / Both eyes Again.

This history is an incredible Gift !

That keeps on giving.

All my senses are alined into cohesion creating awareness of the one dimension.

The first Dimension is black or white a kind of nothing.

Draw a line on this flat one dimension screen and you have introduced the second one to our awareness.


Use shadow without physical dimension creates a Faux feeling in space.

Two eyes creates shape in every direction with the ability to touch our world in depth.

I am Eating better all the time to heal the Eye with Live healing enzymes.

With the opening of the Pineal as well as both eyes create a triangle connection in my minds eye.

All my senses harmonize with cohesion.

At the Now moment I can see everything I go back to One Dimension and see that

all is in the one if I go in deep in me Like when I couldn’t see.

you are me.

Dimensional Experiment on Consciousness

My Universe is multi directional.


Love Rawberto

The Book on my Head

Balancing a book on your head creates much more than Posture and Poise. Way more than you could ever imagine.

I have 60  reason for wearing a “Thought Rock Journal”. Each one is super healthy and benefits to adorn your Body, Mind and soul.

As I wear my book in public I am asked why I am wearing it often. This is a conversation piece for people to get to talk to a stranger. The way I am asked reveals a lot about who the person is. I find out if they are happy with them selves or hiding from them selves by this first interaction. Becoming board with the same old answers like “it’s good for my posture” I had to come up with more reasons.

I become perfectly balance with my spine alining while walking. The bliss feeling is enhanced by my lungs and organs sitting in their factory created positions. The increased oxygen power is felt right away especially in places with fresh air like by a stream or in the forest. A sense of well being envelops me as I love to be present. The vortex is a great word for what this feeling is. A calmfedence and ultra awareness of my emotions become part of my life skills. Breathing is naturally deeper with the chest pulled up and out. Collectively we have thought this was to make us look great physically, as it does. It also creates an inner glow of beauty that is just as important. Our minds truly enjoy the oxygen boost with endorphins.

Leaving the book up on my head for hours at a time allows me to forget it is there. This is great Ego practice when in public. I pay attention to what my inner thoughts are about wearing a book on my head in public. What are my intentions for balancing my book at this time? This is a question I ask myself just as I am about put it on my head. If my vibrations are pure and positive then people react accordingly. This is a powerful Ego awareness game to play with myself that I use to have fun on planet earth. I Love to see the reactions of different cultures on my quiet mind stopping behaviour.

When I enter a new space like a restaurant of crowded place I watch for the eyes that look at me and take note as to where their emotional minds are. This is done in a blink of eye contact with everyone. We all do it, however the book creates a powerful image that shocks a person into being authentic for a moment. I use this awareness to it fullest with the book on my head.

The wearing of the book started 8 years ago in the centre of Mexico to create shade as I walked in the sun. I have been carrying my book for years , as I sketch loads. Now I write and compose as well all the time, so the book is around a lot. It became another way of going hands free! Then I found out it is much more healthy to balance something on our heads. A gentle upward pull is created by the weight of the book as Chakras aline and inner balance is enhanced immensely.

Writing in the journal freely about what you think and want helps to manifest what you love clearer. This brings your thoughts in to the second and third dimension. Writing on paper is the second dimension, the book itself is the third. Creating self awareness by writing and drawing as our hands cannot lie to us only our minds can. That is why reading what we have written in the past may be different then what we remember the event to be. 

If becoming conscious is your wish, wearing a book on your head is just one of the sixty life changing gifts you will receive by doing the dance.

Love Rawberto ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

We are counting on you to save us.

Help we need you to wake up.

It is fun waking up to what I think. Because I get rid of the negative chatter so quickly.

If some one is being mean I look for the inner child in that soul, It’s aways there if I look. I have never been let down with anyone they show it even if only a flicker. Try to look deep into someone you have had trouble with and see the tender child in even the most vile exterior. This is a challenge the has large rewards that only you can have.

Nikki is watching us waking up.

Love Rawberto ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm