Painting on Aluminum is Trippy

The feeling of Vertigo and Out of Body Visions are Achieved while Focusing on brushed Aluminum.

The Paint Sits on Top of the Vibrational Shine of the Metal.

My Brain tries to make Sense of the Shifting Planes while focusing on the Zero Point of now.

The addition of Colour Creates more Levels and Layers in My “Art”.

To Notice a Shift in what Your Feeling Is what My Art is About.

Thanks for being Able to See and Feel.


Love Rawberto



We are counting on you to save us.

Help we need you to wake up.

It is fun waking up to what I think. Because I get rid of the negative chatter so quickly.

If some one is being mean I look for the inner child in that soul, It’s aways there if I look. I have never been let down with anyone they show it even if only a flicker. Try to look deep into someone you have had trouble with and see the tender child in even the most vile exterior. This is a challenge the has large rewards that only you can have.

Nikki is watching us waking up.

Love Rawberto ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm