When I balance my book on my head,

My world experience Shifts into the Now.

I test this all the time as I

check in to just how am I feeling.

I close my eyes and stand still poised to place

the book on the top centre of my head.

I take note of how I feel at the moment I touch down

and let go of the book trusting it will stay.

The changes are subtle yet clear that

I am evolving in the now moment.

Hyper awareness

of Self and Surroundings are amplified

as every sense is connected to the shift.

Breathing in Feel how this feels in your Mental body.

Breath in and feel how this feels in you physical body.

It becomes easy to separate these two

energies with this book balancing act.

Body awareness is heightened with each breath.

Spine alinement creates a bliss full feeling of

being grounded  and balanced.

Cohesion of

Body (physical) Mind (Brain) and Soul (spirit)

create a harmonious state of being.

Once the Mind is comfortable

with balancing in the subconscious

you are free mentally to relax and let “it” keep it up.

When this happens the back muscles flex the spine

and body parts into perfect alinement bit by bit.

Walking and Dancing adds the benefit of exercise to

increase the repair to your body while in

physical and emotional harmony.

Take it to the street creates the opportunity to

identify self Ego as others look at you and reflect

what you are feeling as you carry your book on your head.

The book on head reveals the observer’s

Emotional Body.

The more you relax with the book on your head

the better you are emotionally Balanced.

Once the Physical and Emotional bodies

aline and support each other our soul can

create the Now that is.


A healthy way to see what others are feeling.

You will be able to let go of the human condition.


Everything Is Sound

We are created with sound as we all vibrate. 

Even if we can not hear us we are still making a sound.

Rocks and crystals make sound.

water also.


Creates sound. 

Even Still Air is noisy.

If I could tune in.

Being aware of my

Vibration through

My Emotions.




Whats your Dimension?

Do you ever think about where you fit in?

The people that are in Bliss with what is happening on every level are content. This Is cocreating with source in a harmonious song. Feeling Good is what we “can” focus on now. This creates Good  feelings in Our Future as well as now. Even our memories will reflect a good feeling.Creating anything creates thought, the direction and intention is your responsibility. You are the only one that has this ability. No one else. Just You. If you debate this thought with resistance to this belief, Stop and think about this may mean to you.  Hold a Thought Rock to get clear about what you think about, If you own everything you have and will experience in you life you are free.

Getting honest with yourself will make you sexy. As honesty is Sexy.

Direct all thoughts to the appreciation of our situation. So the tipping point will be on a positive note.

Being the 100th monkey on this one. Where are you? Thinking and allowing the Paradigm Shift in you happen. Let go and then Row Row you Boat Gently through your Dream loving every moment.

Our lives are what we think about. What we focus on expands.

We are just a vibration with a watcher that can steer the flavour of the energy we all experience. Direct your intention to the unwanted keeps the energy there. Own this thought so you can take your emotions higher. Its an exercise at first but what a pay off. Loving Life is truly a Blissing experience. Gratitude attitude for a life altering experience in a very clear way.

You fit in where you think you do. Make it positive experience no mater what you have come your way. Let it all go.

Love or Fear is all you are going to feel ever. Choose well in every moment and the world is yours.

Love Raw ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Being Present in the Now

Being aware of this moment takes focus and concentration. Choosing to be in our power is taking  responsibility for our thoughts. With this knowledge we can create our future to what we wish for. This will be reflected in our past and enjoyed in the present. What we are we attract to us. It matters not whether you believe this or not however being grateful for everything allows calmness to be your guide. Being awake to our thoughts makes us Lucid and being licid is dancing with life. Be the one choosing what you do with your emotional power in this now and live your life awake. Breath in and enjoy this time we have together in this paradigm dimension. loving “Now” is all we need. Ohmmmmmmmm

If You Could Feel the Mekaba Magic

Feeling My Merkaba As I leave the music studio.

Loads of reasons to balance a book. My Blog is getting me to understand just how wonderful this action is for all humans.

Yet very few people are doing this old practice of Balance and Grace.
It is much more than Balance and Posture.
Posture is heathy for our body’s inside and out for sure.
Total Alinement very little effort.
My inner vibration is consciously being altered due to doing this book thing.
I am writing a children’s book that shares things I do that make life more fun to be part of.
Beyond the video screen.
This “life Game” is just one of my love Letters to my self.
We are physical beings and the book balancing in public awakens my Ego as to how strong it is for me.
I pay attention to my inner dialog as I walk in public.
I can tell just how balanced my emotions are the moment I put it on my head.
Then I can breath deep and settle my whole being into what vibration I wish to carry.
The book will not stay up if I am excited or over thinking how do I look to others.
I have reached a place of inner peace as I walk around and have let go of “control” of it staying up.
Feels like I am Expanding into my subconscious.
It is none of my busness what others think of me as in Michael J Fox’s book Lucky Man.
The personal challenge of “Self” is offered every time I place the book on my head.
It is floating up there as my sub conscious keeps it Spinning.
If anyone could feel the wonderful merkaba magic that I feel as I walk with the book on my head.
They would be doing it as well….
I Think we are all the Centre of Attention.
Do You?
Love Raw ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm