We Started a Flash Jam Last Night

A Flash Jam is a last moment gathering.

If you can you go in the “NOW” you are there.

We got together and Shared our energy musically.

We Played Jazz Piano and Bass “New York Style”.

We sang deeper than we ever had before.

Improving freedom to do anything we could do.

We Did some crazzzzy stuff !!

We pounded tables, boxes, and hands for a beat.

Everyone was in joy !

Everyone was Awake.

Last Night A lucid Dream was Created with our

Happiness Is Healthy.

“Playing Life”

Loving the Now. ohmm

Loving the now when everyone in your bubble is being as happy as they have been in a long time.

Is About the Vibe,

The Groove

The moment

The now.

Feeling Safe to Be the person

You Are.



I Love My Duncan Grage Cafe’

Latest Logo For The wonderful Garage In Duncan !!

If you ever just hung out there in the cafe’s hall way of humans from around the world and back again you will find love.

A lot of love is in that space to heal everyone with nurture, food and conversation.

A hang out for the Awakening to talk. ohmmm

Collective Conscious Communication Constantly Created. Oohmmmm

Please give it a try if you need a friend there are many to choose from in the Garage Building.

I also am playing with a sketch I did  of the cafe’ while embraced in this vibration of Love.


Be the person you are looking for ohmmm.

Well one day a log time a go I thought if I am manifesting a partner just like ME me only female, I better improve myself to what I wanted to find in this new person. Thinking that I would attract Like minded person as like attracts like. Even if it took a long time to find her I would be busy improving my being and I would enjoy being with me anyway. Win win with self. What happened I found out is that we love ourselves when we love everything. If we love life 95% then we are loved 95% in return. What do you think ?

Being the person we are looking for.

Becoming what we want to find in another.


Gifted Dyslexians’


Time to be seen as the leaders of our world.

Getting thing backwards

with a way of believing that

this new way of seeing is the best way.



A paradigm Thinker

Shifting into harmony

with love




Not following

not leading

But Being.

War Stressed or Raw Desserts


Change the

 way you Think

and the

Things around

Music and water Fish swimming with Guitars to a better harmonic vibration.

you change.

Thoughts are Things.

We are the creators of our

Past, Present and future

With total Responsibility.

 We are Magnificent

Metaphysical, Magnetic,

Manifestation, Magicians.

Let’s Create a Love as our Tipping Point.

All together Now.

Change your Channel…


Happiness Is Healthy Show.

Happiness Is Healthy

Happiness Is A Choice. Happiness Is An Inside Job. Happiness Is Healthy.


*Enhancing your innate mental, physical and spiritual balance.

*Sharing what inspires us to be a happy, balanced and grateful couple.

*Helping you to believe in your ability to be a happy, content person.

*Techniques, for self-mastery is what we offer you.

Robert Cerins has been an Entertainer, Musician and Artist for over 40 years. Robert has created mind opening vibrant paintings around the world, having sellout shows in New York and Toronto.  In 2011, Robert was honored to be asked to create the theme image for the 27th Island’s Folk Festival.  His enthusiastic soul vibration creates a dialog with all who wish to wake up to what they are thinking.  You probably saw Robert in the last years walking around the Folk Festival or around Vancouver Island with a book on his head and this year he will be on stage sharing the secret of why he wears the book on his head.  He may even inspire you to put a book on your head, to see what happens.

It is Robert’s goal to help you connect to your inner core of love, joy and calmness.   He believes that meditation is a way to connect to the compassionate you.

Stephanie Cerins’ passion to Cheer Up The Planet was ignited in her teenage years by the sudden death of her father.  She was inspired to devour books on the subjects of love, healing, self-mastery and compassionate communication in order to figure out what truly creates happiness in life.  Stephanie’s goal is to cheer up the planet – one of her techniques is the writing of personalized affirmations for people to enhance the happiness that already resides in them and in all of us.

During their Improv performance Robert and Stephanie will share their ideas for enhancing happiness and well being through interactive connections with the audience and entertaining dialogue.  They are a vivacious passionate couple that brings smiles and warm feelings to all who witness their vibrant and enthusiastic energy.  You are going to feel light- hearted and connected to your inner source of happiness at the end of their show.  You may even have a Paradigm Shift if it is your time.


When I balance my book on my head,

My world experience Shifts into the Now.

I test this all the time as I

check in to just how am I feeling.

I close my eyes and stand still poised to place

the book on the top centre of my head.

I take note of how I feel at the moment I touch down

and let go of the book trusting it will stay.

The changes are subtle yet clear that

I am evolving in the now moment.

Hyper awareness

of Self and Surroundings are amplified

as every sense is connected to the shift.

Breathing in Feel how this feels in your Mental body.

Breath in and feel how this feels in you physical body.

It becomes easy to separate these two

energies with this book balancing act.

Body awareness is heightened with each breath.

Spine alinement creates a bliss full feeling of

being grounded  and balanced.

Cohesion of

Body (physical) Mind (Brain) and Soul (spirit)

create a harmonious state of being.

Once the Mind is comfortable

with balancing in the subconscious

you are free mentally to relax and let “it” keep it up.

When this happens the back muscles flex the spine

and body parts into perfect alinement bit by bit.

Walking and Dancing adds the benefit of exercise to

increase the repair to your body while in

physical and emotional harmony.

Take it to the street creates the opportunity to

identify self Ego as others look at you and reflect

what you are feeling as you carry your book on your head.

The book on head reveals the observer’s

Emotional Body.

The more you relax with the book on your head

the better you are emotionally Balanced.

Once the Physical and Emotional bodies

aline and support each other our soul can

create the Now that is.


A healthy way to see what others are feeling.

You will be able to let go of the human condition.

I Am So Full Of Endorphins As I Can See Again Today

Today I got My Vision Back !!!!

I An See The Third Dimention.

I have Been Painting Low Relief 3 D Art

With 2 D Vision For About a Year.

Last Surgery Today.

Today I Painted Like I Love To See.

Cause I Can.

 I understand more Dimensionally Than only

1, 2, and 3 Levels of Seeing.

 Feeling the Next

4, 5 and 6





Always Changing Always Growing.

Got my Eye Back Today. Gratitude Dance !!!


Love Rawberto