The Book on my Head

Balancing a book on your head creates much more than Posture and Poise. Way more than you could ever imagine.

I have 60  reason for wearing a “Thought Rock Journal”. Each one is super healthy and benefits to adorn your Body, Mind and soul.

As I wear my book in public I am asked why I am wearing it often. This is a conversation piece for people to get to talk to a stranger. The way I am asked reveals a lot about who the person is. I find out if they are happy with them selves or hiding from them selves by this first interaction. Becoming board with the same old answers like “it’s good for my posture” I had to come up with more reasons.

I become perfectly balance with my spine alining while walking. The bliss feeling is enhanced by my lungs and organs sitting in their factory created positions. The increased oxygen power is felt right away especially in places with fresh air like by a stream or in the forest. A sense of well being envelops me as I love to be present. The vortex is a great word for what this feeling is. A calmfedence and ultra awareness of my emotions become part of my life skills. Breathing is naturally deeper with the chest pulled up and out. Collectively we have thought this was to make us look great physically, as it does. It also creates an inner glow of beauty that is just as important. Our minds truly enjoy the oxygen boost with endorphins.

Leaving the book up on my head for hours at a time allows me to forget it is there. This is great Ego practice when in public. I pay attention to what my inner thoughts are about wearing a book on my head in public. What are my intentions for balancing my book at this time? This is a question I ask myself just as I am about put it on my head. If my vibrations are pure and positive then people react accordingly. This is a powerful Ego awareness game to play with myself that I use to have fun on planet earth. I Love to see the reactions of different cultures on my quiet mind stopping behaviour.

When I enter a new space like a restaurant of crowded place I watch for the eyes that look at me and take note as to where their emotional minds are. This is done in a blink of eye contact with everyone. We all do it, however the book creates a powerful image that shocks a person into being authentic for a moment. I use this awareness to it fullest with the book on my head.

The wearing of the book started 8 years ago in the centre of Mexico to create shade as I walked in the sun. I have been carrying my book for years , as I sketch loads. Now I write and compose as well all the time, so the book is around a lot. It became another way of going hands free! Then I found out it is much more healthy to balance something on our heads. A gentle upward pull is created by the weight of the book as Chakras aline and inner balance is enhanced immensely.

Writing in the journal freely about what you think and want helps to manifest what you love clearer. This brings your thoughts in to the second and third dimension. Writing on paper is the second dimension, the book itself is the third. Creating self awareness by writing and drawing as our hands cannot lie to us only our minds can. That is why reading what we have written in the past may be different then what we remember the event to be. 

If becoming conscious is your wish, wearing a book on your head is just one of the sixty life changing gifts you will receive by doing the dance.

Love Rawberto ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


Become 2 inches Taller with Balance.

Becoming Taller

    Stand taller than you ever have with ease balancing a book on your head.

The book balanced on my head causes my body to stretch upward instantly.

In a very short time my book is off my mind (consciously) yet physically on it.

My lower back gets a gentle exercise keeping the balancing act going with my book.

My lungs get a bigger blast of air as I push up and out in the inhale. Lifting and separating my chest.

I can see why women would want to play with this Idea.

Physically, Emotionally, and Mentally I love the feelings that balancing my book on my head gives.

Love Raw ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm