We Started a Flash Jam Last Night

A Flash Jam is a last moment gathering.

If you can you go in the “NOW” you are there.

We got together and Shared our energy musically.

We Played Jazz Piano and Bass “New York Style”.

We sang deeper than we ever had before.

Improving freedom to do anything we could do.

We Did some crazzzzy stuff !!

We pounded tables, boxes, and hands for a beat.

Everyone was in joy !

Everyone was Awake.

Last Night A lucid Dream was Created with our

Happiness Is Healthy.

“Playing Life”

Loving the Now. ohmm

Loving the now when everyone in your bubble is being as happy as they have been in a long time.

Is About the Vibe,

The Groove

The moment

The now.

Feeling Safe to Be the person

You Are.



Everything Is Sound

We are created with sound as we all vibrate. 

Even if we can not hear us we are still making a sound.

Rocks and crystals make sound.

water also.


Creates sound. 

Even Still Air is noisy.

If I could tune in.

Being aware of my

Vibration through

My Emotions.




I love Mondays Play Shops

Become a Paradigm Shifter

I am offering personal focused one on one sessions for all blocked artists to free themselves at my studio. Deep Individual personal empowerment with Art as the Medium.

I will be the Catalyst holding the space for Painting, Sketching, Music and Writing. Every wall that comes up will become easy to see as we slide through them. Becomeing aware of our walls with an open heart releases all resistance. Be Free with Me.

I love Mondays Playshop ! First Session is Monday the 27th. Appointments available  11 am ~ 11 pm 1 hour min 3 max. Introduction Connection by phone or Skype. Hourly Rate is what you make per hour.

A Paradigm Shift is what we will experience together as we go down our own Rabbit Hole! Trusting self and becoming lucid of artistic transformations with Comfort, Joy and Love. Evolve to becoming a Paradigm Shifter. Love Robert ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm