Be the person you are looking for ohmmm.

Well one day a log time a go I thought if I am manifesting a partner just like ME me only female, I better improve myself to what I wanted to find in this new person. Thinking that I would attract Like minded person as like attracts like. Even if it took a long time to find her I would be busy improving my being and I would enjoy being with me anyway. Win win with self. What happened I found out is that we love ourselves when we love everything. If we love life 95% then we are loved 95% in return. What do you think ?

Being the person we are looking for.

Becoming what we want to find in another.


Being Present in the Now

Being aware of this moment takes focus and concentration. Choosing to be in our power is taking ┬áresponsibility for our thoughts. With this knowledge we can create our future to what we wish for. This will be reflected in our past and enjoyed in the present. What we are we attract to us. It matters not whether you believe this or not however being grateful for everything allows calmness to be your guide. Being awake to our thoughts makes us Lucid and being licid is dancing with life. Be the one choosing what you do with your emotional power in this now and live your life awake. Breath in and enjoy this time we have together in this paradigm dimension. loving “Now” is all we need. Ohmmmmmmmm

Being Happy even while feeling scared!

Lady Diane had a look at this pig Ego in Prince George BC

Feeding my pet Ego.

If I am feeling over whelmed with life. I find myself reaching for my thoughts on what makes me Happy. Feeling scared or feeling down, trigers chemicals that can create the very fear I am trying to avoid. The power we have as manifester’s of our lives will go in the direction we focus on. Being aware of what I am thinking gives me the opportunity ┬áto choose what “wolf” I am feeding ( Canada’s First Nation’s life lesson).Its important for me to pay attention to what I am feeling. Focusing on love thoughts, gratitude feelings, and relaxing my overall being in the moment. This emotional energy has all the power to heal or to hinder. I feel a victory when I can catch my runaway mind and observe myself with my Ego in the now. Happiness is created from our centre and then goes out into our universe creating a vibration we all live with. Consciously Creating in this moment……. Love Robert Cerins

She’s got choices poster

We all have choices to create our lives.

The choices we make every moment create our reality. The moon and star are just a few of the wonders we can choose from. Being in love with this moment creates Blissful grace. More of the same will come your way. Vibrate with loving energy gives power to our matrix of life. This image reminds me to be come conscious of my choices in the Now.  Loving Life Robert Cerins.