I Love My Duncan Grage Cafe’

Latest Logo For The wonderful Garage In Duncan !!

If you ever just hung out there in the cafe’s hall way of humans from around the world and back again you will find love.

A lot of love is in that space to heal everyone with nurture, food and conversation.

A hang out for the Awakening to talk. ohmmm

Collective Conscious Communication Constantly Created. Oohmmmm

Please give it a try if you need a friend there are many to choose from in the Garage Building.

I also am playing with a sketch I did ¬†of the cafe’ while embraced in this vibration of Love.



Happiness Is Believing in Myself

Happiness is Believing in Me. Without Fear. Love Rawberto

Being free to be in love with me. So I can love everyone else.

This Painting Creates the emotion of Jumping up and down with Glee.

The place Hawaii. No doors or windows loads of sand. Created with enthusiasm for Now!

Love Rawberto Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmm