When I balance my book on my head,

My world experience Shifts into the Now.

I test this all the time as I

check in to just how am I feeling.

I close my eyes and stand still poised to place

the book on the top centre of my head.

I take note of how I feel at the moment I touch down

and let go of the book trusting it will stay.

The changes are subtle yet clear that

I am evolving in the now moment.

Hyper awareness

of Self and Surroundings are amplified

as every sense is connected to the shift.

Breathing in Feel how this feels in your Mental body.

Breath in and feel how this feels in you physical body.

It becomes easy to separate these two

energies with this book balancing act.

Body awareness is heightened with each breath.

Spine alinement creates a bliss full feeling of

being grounded  and balanced.

Cohesion of

Body (physical) Mind (Brain) and Soul (spirit)

create a harmonious state of being.

Once the Mind is comfortable

with balancing in the subconscious

you are free mentally to relax and let “it” keep it up.

When this happens the back muscles flex the spine

and body parts into perfect alinement bit by bit.

Walking and Dancing adds the benefit of exercise to

increase the repair to your body while in

physical and emotional harmony.

Take it to the street creates the opportunity to

identify self Ego as others look at you and reflect

what you are feeling as you carry your book on your head.

The book on head reveals the observer’s

Emotional Body.

The more you relax with the book on your head

the better you are emotionally Balanced.

Once the Physical and Emotional bodies

aline and support each other our soul can

create the Now that is.


A healthy way to see what others are feeling.

You will be able to let go of the human condition.


I can see in 3 D Now ! ( Dimensions Experiment on Consciousness )

I Have been seeing 3D Again for this Gorgeous week of May.

Got My vision upgrade with Depth of field for our wedding anniversary.

My Art is busting out as I have been adding Gem stones to my canvases for the last 12 paintings.

I was sculpting with 2D vision in a hope to feel/see The third dimension.

I can now see the tiniest paint particles blended in clear to add the finishing touches.

Now I am painting with both eyes and seeing/ feeling the difference between the two worlds of 2 and 3 dimensions.

As I paint  with awakness I can see the 4th and 5th Dimension clearer.

Everything becomes more about vibration.

We ARE sound after all.

My ears may be able if the mind would let it enter.

I can sense some how deeper than before.

I have experienced being Sighted (54 years) / Blind(40 days) / One Eye (1 year) / Both eyes Again.

This history is an incredible Gift !

That keeps on giving.

All my senses are alined into cohesion creating awareness of the one dimension.

The first Dimension is black or white a kind of nothing.

Draw a line on this flat one dimension screen and you have introduced the second one to our awareness.


Use shadow without physical dimension creates a Faux feeling in space.

Two eyes creates shape in every direction with the ability to touch our world in depth.

I am Eating better all the time to heal the Eye with Live healing enzymes.

With the opening of the Pineal as well as both eyes create a triangle connection in my minds eye.

All my senses harmonize with cohesion.

At the Now moment I can see everything I go back to One Dimension and see that

all is in the one if I go in deep in me Like when I couldn’t see.

you are me.

Dimensional Experiment on Consciousness

My Universe is multi directional.


Love Rawberto

We all Vibrate

We all vibrate in and out all the time in this physical plane. Being aware that we only have 2 choices at every pulse, Love or Fear. Thats it ! We “do” have the ability to steer our thoughts towards either extreme side of life. As we feel our shift over time from fear to love we are blending a few love thought then a few fear ones just to feel safe because it feels familiar. You may not even think being negative is what you want to be feeling and giving as your way of being.

The clearer I am about what side I am choosing and focusing on creates a new moment now and for my future, hence my past will be more moments of love. Playing with the ability “to” focus on love thought more and more often feels “Bliss”. All art related activities are mind blowing for the creator in you as you have become the art and not just the doing of it. ohmmmmmmmmmm LOVE That’s It!

Being in Vibrational harmony creates Art I love to be with as A physical reminder of Love filled Emotion.

When I paint from deep inside my soul a warm buzz floats through and over me.

In the centre of Mexico there is a place with a 6 inch pipe pouring fresh clean, hot (just right) temp water on your back after falling 1 foot. You become encased with warm mother earths fluid looking like a caramelized apple person with clear candy. Soft all over. This is how creating from our source feels from the inside out.

Love to everyone. Ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

We are counting on you to save us.

Help we need you to wake up.

It is fun waking up to what I think. Because I get rid of the negative chatter so quickly.

If some one is being mean I look for the inner child in that soul, It’s aways there if I look. I have never been let down with anyone they show it even if only a flicker. Try to look deep into someone you have had trouble with and see the tender child in even the most vile exterior. This is a challenge the has large rewards that only you can have.

Nikki is watching us waking up.

Love Rawberto ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Behind My Window

Seeing inside myself through painting.

We are all mirrors for each other. The gift of painting has many presents for us all. Allowing me to be presently in the now. Seeing what I am feeling and thinking while I am creating. I have to be able to look to see what I am showing myself for the message to be realized. Every painting has information to share our personal truth to ourselves. Looking back at older pieces reminds me just how powerful paintings are.                   Find the courage to reveal yourself to your world right here right now. I am looking into your Mirror to see who we are.  Love to Everyone.

My window Sketch

Our world is out there for all of us to enjoy Now.

Creating from my heart and soul I show myself what I am feeling. Even in my darker moments I will draw/paint to see whats up with me. Being able to share my creations with the world is exciting! My hands can not lie when I create each piece. Our bodies are true to what is going on inside of us. Our minds can change the thoughts to cover up some of the negative stuff but our hands reveal our truth. We need to be able to look at our art with an open heart and share our truth to heal. Thanks for this opportunity to see what you think. Love Robert ohmmmmmmmmmmm