PassWord as a Mantra Win Win (How to make your Password Real strong with little effort and major healthy side effects).

Seeing an third eye Alternative

Seeing with our overall system creates a new and open way of being aware.

Creating a password is troubling at first.

It needs to be longer and I need to remember it.

Fear thoughts create unease.


By using our Artistic super powers

It is easy to make a super strong Password that

changes all the time.

Let the Imagination kick in.

Dont remember it

write it down.

Throw it away often and start a new one with glee.

Let them “BE” your mantras.

You chant them in your soul.

Create a sentence of inspirational thoughts.

These are created  for you to enjoy.

an Example.




any thought / mantra becomes your

temporary Pass Word

and permanent Mantra.

I love to get more things done with one move.

We no longer need to remember the words.

It’s on a piece of plain paper… your mantra.

once you have chanted it that it’s thought is

emblazoned in your being do you set a new one for yourself.

 just incorporate this chant into you meditation and relax.

 When it becomes familiar it’s ready to change.

Then throw away the paper and write a new one down.

 I Love a mantra that fits me who and how I am.

The change in being able to use a mantra is mind boggling.

All sites are protected  with Karma and Rapid change of



Truly a Win Win.


Love to Everyone.